She's in London - the story

A 6 episode web series, it follows the fight to save a lesbian bar from closure by the Soho gentrification brigade.

With a story that focuses on a Soho lesbian bar and the fight to save it against the backdrop of the gentrification of Soho, and of course the love dramas that take place between staff and customers of the bar, the series aims to portray real lesbian, bi and queer (LBQ) London life.

No good LBQ web series would be complete without sex, love, friendships and drama, and She's in London has this in spades.
Theo, who works at the bar, find herself getting involved with Mel. Which would be fine, except that Mel is the ex of her best friend and flatmate, Sam. What neither Sam or Theo know is that Mel also works for the developer that's trying to close the bar. With all these secrets it's only a matter of time before trouble ensues...

The Episodes

She's in London S01 E01 - Friendly in the ToiletsEpisode 1 - Friendly in the Toilets

Theo recounts her "normal Tuesday at work to flatmate Sam, revealing that the lesbian bar she works at is under threat of closing and that she slept with a customer (Hana) in the toilets

She's in London S01 E02 - Face-StalkingEpisode 2 - Face-Stalking

Theo reveals to Sam that Sam's ex caught Theo in the toilets, Sam secretly invites her ex out with herself and Theo at the bar

She's in London S01 E03 - No Second DatesEpisode 3 - No Second Dates

We find out Mel is behind the potential venue closure; Theo and Mel flirt, then kiss

She's in London S01 E04 - In the Still of the NightEpisode 4 - In the Still of the Night

Theo takes Mel home to bed, they are nearly caught by Sam

She's in London S01 E05 - Pride ComesEpisode 5 - Pride Comes

It's three weeks later, and Theo has been absent from home with her "Mystery girlfriend". It's Pride and there's a big campaign to save the bar.

She's in London S01 E06 - Before the FallEpisode 6 - Before the Fall

Everyone attempts to make amends; Theo and Sam make up; Mel quits her job and supports the campaign; Theo and Mel make up... there's a knock at the door