She's in London - the crew

She's in London was written by Katie Bennett-Hall (original story by K Bennett-Hall and T MacKenzie). Season 1, produced by Kat Holmes and directed by Stuart Dunlop, comprises six 8 minutes episodes, and is an online serial that focuses on the LBQ community, the gentrification of Soho pushing out LGBT businesses and a lesbian love triangle. 

If you are interested in being involved in She's in London, or any future Planet M Productions projects, please get in touch!

About Planet M

Planet M has been set up to create quality LBQ content. 

We are delighted to be working with such amazing people within our community on Planet M Productions. This is the first project of many! Find out more about Planet M here.

Behind the magic...


She's in London producer - Kat Holmes, Kat Life FilmsKat Holmes, KatLife Films

Producer of the award winning film SUBMERGE - a feature drama that follows Jordan, a 20-something high achiever who wants it all. Asking the question, "how do you find love in a world of instant gratification?” SUBMERGE explores the conflict that can arise from indulging one's desires in a modern, consumerist world of endless choice. 

SUBMERGE was released globally in March 2014 and is available to rent or buy on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Plus and at

Director and Editor

She's in London director and editor - Stu Dunlop, Lemonwedge ProductionsStuart Dunlop, LemonWedge Productions

Bringing TV industry expertise to each project, be it a broadcast advert, a B2B marketing clip or an internal message.  LWP have launched products, and scaled work from quick turn around social media clips, to multicam CEO conferences for international clients, captured mock trails for Number 5 Chambers, to a promo for a dance school in Bexleyheath. From interviewing the Governor of Virginia to virtual nurses for the NHS, LWP is ready to grow your business.

It starts and ends with a conversation with the face behind the concept, the camera and the company..... 

Creator, Writer & Assistant Producer

She's in London Writer - Katie Bennett-HallKatie Bennett-Hall

As well as co-founding Planet London, Katie co-Founded Planet Brighton, Planet Publishing, Planet PRomo and Planet M. As well as a Director of Planet M, Katie is content editor and lead commissioner for all the Planet websites, as well as contributing a range of articles including book & film reviews, celebrity interviews, opinion pieces and features.

She is currently writing her first novel and poetry collection, and was recently published in the charity short story anthology 'L Is For...' Katie is the writer of the first London LBQ webseries 'She's in London' which is currently in pre-production. 

Katie has a long history of being active in the LGBT community as a volunteer, starting when she was a befriender to people coming out at university, and running her uni LGBT society. She ran a social group for lesbians when she lived in Plymouth called Plymouth WEST. Katie has also spent time volunteering for London Raiders Softball Club and co-organising the massive Raiders bowling league. Katie’s work background is charity communications and publishing. In her day job Katie is a Project and Communications Manager at a young people's mental health charity.

Marketing & Unit Co-ordinator

She's in London Marketing - Naomi Bennett-HallNaomi Bennett-Hall

Naomi has over 16 years of experience in an administrative capacity. She takes those organisational skills and applies them to her business with her wife Katie. She is also a website designer, graphic designer and general ideas generator! No idea is too big, too crazy or too difficult.

She is responsible for all of the artwork for the Ultimate Planet family of brands. Naomi loves to hear ideas and believes collaboration and hard work is the best way to do business.

Initial Distributor

She's in London distributor - Tellotellofilms

tello films produces and distributes innovative, high-quality web series with a lesbian focus.

tello Films believe in telling authentic stories about people whose lives are often ignored or marginalized. tello creates web-series specifically for the lesbian/queer community. This means that lesbian/queer characters are front and center. This means that the stories we tell respect the range and variety inherent in being queer.

Why lesbian stories? Because, frankly, there just aren't enough of them. Sure, sometimes lesbians are thrown in as side characters or show up on 'very special episodes' of your favorite shows, but lesbians and lesbian-specific issues are rarely at the center of mainstream television, movies, or web series. And when they are, frankly...they're watered down.

Behind the Scenes and Extra Footage

She's in London Crew - Tiger FeaturesTiger Features

Nicky Prestage at Tiger Features specialises in two areas…

Commercial Film Production:
I produce commercial films that deliver messages to fulfil my clients briefs in an engaging and creative way for clients including John Lewis, Ebay, L'Oreal, The Roundhouse London, River Island, HM Prison Service and Carillion.

Types of film making I offer include- Marketing, Adverts, Documentaries, Training, Music Videos, Events, Festivals and Weddings.

Community Film Making:

Working with participants all all ages,  I deliver film making, multimedia projects and facilitation based around the themes of identity, sexuality, gender, love and acceptance. My main objective as a film maker and facilitator is to build self-esteem, confidence, group cohesion and transferable skills to enable participants to contribute positively to their communities and to make films that educate and dispel negative stereotypes.


Supporting Crew

  • Mauie Sanchez (costumes and props assistant)
  • Sarah Meeks (runner)
  • Sarah Lavender (extras coordinator)
  • Zohra Mennaceur
  • Cora Shay (runner)
  • Michelle Bavage (social media/runner)
  • Alexia Bavage (photography/runner)
  • Christabel Samuel (marketing & PR)
  • Mel (Runner)